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Автор Тема: Safari Technology Preview 54  (Прочетена 968 пъти)

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Safari Technology Preview 54
« -: Април 20, 2018, 07:48:39 am »

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Apple пусна Safari Technology Preview 54, актуализация на браузъра си за тези, които искат да опитат най-новите уеб технологии.

Погледнете навсякъде в предстоящите уеб технологии в MacOS и iOS и експериментирайте с тези технологии в уеб сайтовете и разширенията си.

Release 54
● Clipboard API
○ Fixed copying a list from Microsoft Word to TinyMCE when mso-list is the first property
○ Prioritized file promises over filenames during drag and drop

● Beacon API
○ Fixed Beacon redirect responses to be CORS validated

● Web API
○ Implemented createImageBitmap(Blob)

● WebRTC
○ Added a special software encoder mode when a compression session is not using a hardware encoder and VCP is not active
○ Added experimental support for MDNS ICE candidates in WebRTC data channel peer-to-peer connections

● Web Inspector
○ Fixed the errors glyph to fully change to blue when active
○ Tinted all pixels drawn by a shader program when hovering over a tree element in the Canvas Tab

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Неактивен GPower

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  • Публикации: 6214
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    • www.home-plast.com
  • Град: Варна
  • iPad: Mini Retina
  • iPad фърмуер: 10.2
  • OS: macOS Mojave
  • СИМ: ФО
  • iPhone: X
  • iPhone фърмуер: 12.3.1
  • Facebook: GPower
Re: Safari Technology Preview 54
« Отговор #1 -: Октомври 27, 2018, 07:12:55 am »
Version 68:
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● Enabled input type="color" support (r236942)
● Fixed the Document and Window objects to lose their browsing context as soon as its iframe is removed from the document (r236862)
● Fixed incorrect input.checked when parsing its children (r236795)
● Fixed window.navigator and window.performance to not become null after the window loses its browsing context (r237185, r237209)
● Changed to restrict browsing context lookup by name to frames that are related to one another (r237112)
● Changed anchor target to be ignored on activation when the download attribute is set (r236987)
● Changed target="_blank" on anchors to imply rel="noopener" (r237144)
● Fixed incorrect garbage collection of JavaScript node wrappers held by MutationObserver and MutationRecord (r236850, r236801)

● Added VP8 support to WebRTC (r236821)
● Added support for IceCandidate stats (r236963)
● Added support for reporting “display composited video frames” through the VideoPlaybackQuality object (r236875)
● Added support for RTCPeerConnection.generateCertificate (r237140)
● Added support for RTCConfiguration.certificates (r237202)
● Implemented error handler of MediaRecorder (r237106)

● Added support for inline WebVTT styles (r237187)
● Changed to use nanoseconds as MaximumTimeScale (r237208)
● Changed to only report the supported WebGL version (r237018)

● Added prefers-color-scheme media query support for styling dark mode content (r237156)
● Changed to resolve inset properties to computed style when there is over-constrainment (r236979)

● Fixed slow tiling for CSS gradients (r237230)

● Added BigInt support for the bitwise | operator (r236901)

Web Inspector
● Added the ability to go directly from an event in the overview view to the specialized timeline for that event (r237195)
● Added support for showing redirect requests in the Network and Timelines tabs (r236995)
● Added table support for multiple selection and Command-Click behavior (r236853)
● Changed to use the iframe name attribute for FrameTreeElement (r236885)
● Changed to allow multiple canvases to be recorded at the same time (r236952)
● Created a special Network waterfall for media events (r237028)
● Exposed Server Timing response headers in the Network tab (r237151)
● Fixed the Canvas recording sidebar scroll position after switching tabs (r237196)
● Fixed the color contrast of the disabled Record button in the Canvas tab (r236986)
● Fixed capturing previously saved states and adding them to the recording payload in the Canvas tab (r237198)
● Fixed previews to be removed when the parent view is hidden in the Canvas tab (r237090)
● Fixed clicking the initiator link in the Network tab table to automatically switch to the Preview section (r236923)
● Fixed dark mode contrast issues (r236953, r237085, r237150)
● Fixed style editor warnings to not look like errors in dark mode (r237125)
● Fixed unreadable text when hovering over CSS properties while holding the Command key in dark mode (r237143)
● Fixed the “goto arrow” color for the selected DOM breakpoint tree element in dark mode (r237078)
● Fixed the detail view to be correctly shown after sorting the Network table (r237043)
● Fixed the detail view reverting to “Response” when new requests are added in the Network tab (r237061)
● Fixed the Open Resource dialog to show the path to the resource to disambiguate resources with the same name (r236918)
● Fixed the toolbar getting hidden when Web Inspector is docked to side (r237131)
● Fixed ^G (Control-G) to not wipe the line when jumping to the line in a CSS file (r237212)
● Grouped media network entries by the node that triggered the request (r236927)
● Indented all network entries when “Group by Node” is enabled (r237006)

● Fixed a bug where some key combinations such as Command-A can cause the WebDriver session to hang (r236939)
● Fixed a crash when a WebDriver session is terminated while waiting for simulated inputs to be handled (r236852)
● Fixed a hang when creating a WebDriver session for Safari Technology Preview (macOS Mojave only).

Payment Request
● Changed to abort requests after details settle when the user cancels (r236922)

Apple Pay
● Fixed new shipping methods getting ignored when updating after the shippingaddresschange event (r237142)
● Changed payment authorization results with ApplePayErrors to never be considered final (r237134)

Web Animations
● Fixed setting animation-name:none after a fill:forwards animation has completed to correctly revert to the unanimated style (r236809)

● Changed ECDSA to be able to handle invalid signature inputs (r236820)
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